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Curry hut indian bistro Restaurant menus at Indian restaurants are dominated by what is called Mughlai cuisine, a category of north Indian food—born during the Mughal Empire—that’s laden with rich, gravy-based meat and vegetable stews. This is less a function of Mughlai cuisine being the best or most popular food in India, and more a function of the fact that many of the dishes within it use the same sauce (which, for a restaurant, makes them easy to produce in large quantities), and often involve meat (a seeming necessity for American palates). This is not to say the dishes aren’t delicious, but it’s a reminder that Indian food has a lot to offer beyond just what you’ll find at these restaurants.

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Catering Services also Available for Events and Parties


Curry hut indian bistro believes in delivering professional and exemplary catering services while organizing Corporate Events. you can explore a wholly exclusive and unforgettable experience tailored to suit your requirements and budget. Our commitment to the success of our clients and setting the highest standard of excellence in everything we do has helped us build a reputation as Vancouver leading high-end caterer. Our team is friendly, professional and experienced in all levels of catering and event management.

We serve authentic Indian flavors with modern flare

Curry hut indian bistro is a whole new style of Indian restaurant. Authentic yet innovative, with a menu that honors tradition while reinventing it. Elegant and comfortable with a sumptuous decor awash in the hues of India’s signature spices.

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